We create Artificial Intelligence based Point-of-Sale solutions for restaurants that outperform legacy technologies and deliver experience like no other



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NILA is a software and technology company creating the most advanced POS solution for restaurants.

We do not believe smart innovations need to cost more

Our passionate team of developers are busy creating our fully integrated cloud based POS system that will give you access to the full force of our AI, Machine Learning, Virtual Platforms and Data Analytics modules at no extra cost. 



NILA is highly intelligent fully integrated AI based POS system designed exclusively for restaurants. 

Modern restaurants need faster, flexible and unified POS solutions

Our new technology interfaces and functional integrations will revolutionise the way you currently run your business and interact with your diners.

Our modular design offers unlimited technology integration capabilities and enables you to customise your POS system that is ideal for your business.

We are also on cloud, so you will have your fingers on the pulse 24/7. Our inbuilt real-time data analytics and business intelligence modules will give you full control of managing your restaurant efficiently and profitably.

Increased profitability through four newly created untapped revenue streams 

NILA POS features
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Real-time Data Analytics and Business Intelligence  

Geo tagged 'near-field' Customer Value Management programs

Smart Employee Management Module to target Performance, Profits and Onboarding 

Simplify your inventory control via our AI powered fully automated Material Management Module

Improve customer engagement with our highly innovative UX / UIs

Maximise profitability and per-diner revenues via newly created Revenue Streams

Improve Order to Service and reduce Food Waste through Smart Kitchen Management Module


Fully automated Material Management Module (MCube) takes care of maintaining optimum level of ingredients in your pantry. You can choose to run it manually or let it run on auto-pilot.  

Supplier Marketplace Module helps you expand your distributor base without compromising quality and thus reduce your food and inventory costs. 

Smart Kitchen Management Module helps you to optimise your kitchen workflow management, reduce food waste and improve efficiency of Order to Service process.

Restaurant Management Module acts as one stop solution for business backend management, reporting, performance analytics, menu engineering, marketing, CRM and much more. 

Easy to use Employee Management Module allows you to effectively manage your employee enrolments, HR and admin activities, shift planning and deep insights into workforce productivities and performance standards. 

Manage geo-tagged 'near field'  Customer Value Management programs and let your diners directly engage with your business through our newly designed innovative UI / UX and

Earn more revenue per dinner and improve profitability through completely new additional four revenue streams  


We want our next generation POS to meet your critical needs. We would love to hear what you are looking for in your POS. 

This survey shouldn't take more than 2 minutes to complete. We appreciate your inputs. 



Yogesh Gupta  PhD

Founder & CEO

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I am a technology enthusiast and entrepreneur with more than 16 years of career in Business Transformations. My passion lies in plugging technologies and innovations directly into businesses to improve operational efficiencies, productivities and most importantly business profitabilities.  


Restaurants have always been close my heart due to my upbringing in our family run business in India. This created a great foundation for me to understand ins-and-outs as well as key ingredients required for running a restaurant business successfully. 

Chad Fouts 2.jpg

Chad Fouts

Head of Engineering

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Chad is a serial enterprise problem solver with a knack for innovations and breakthrough technologies.


During his 17+ years of experience in Fortune50 and a multi-billion-dollar global consumer goods company, Chad has shaped, built and operationalised big-data analytic platforms and high-volume system architectures.

Chad is a cloud native architect with a deep expertise in data & analytics, web/mobile app development, security infrastructure and software delivery excellence. 

Konrad Kubiec 2021 (1).jpg

Konrad Kubiec

Senior Developer

  • LinkedIn

Konrad is exceptional in addressing constraints, conflicts, and crafting operational leverages enabling future business growth. 


Konrad has 16+ years of hands-on full-stack development experience with primary expertise in JS stack: React, Angular, Node, Docker and has led onsite and remote teams.


Soner Haci

Member of Advisory Board

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Tech. Entrepreneur

CEO & Co-Founder

BEAD Technologies

PONS New York


Ulrike Gupta PhD

Member of Advisory Board

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Cloud Architect, Technology and SaaS Specialist

Customer Engineering Manager at Google


Ram Srinivasan

Member of Advisory Board

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Startup Board Member and Venture Architect 

Lead Growth Architect

PA Consulting


Louise Ogilvy

Member of Advisory Board

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HR, Talent Strategy, Recruitment for Starupts


Managing Director




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